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Tapping Spindle Head

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ZG30-2  power  head  is designed   into  dynamic-seal  non-contact   multiple  labyrinth  waterproof   structure,  so  as  to

prevent the external invasion of  cutting fluid or dust, cuttings and other  foreign matters during the production and processing,

guarantee  that  the bearing  is not  polluted,  and  ensure the  lifespan  or precision  of  the  bearing. Many  spindle  forms  can

be matched,  the sliding  sleeve can  be controlled for  stretching by  matching the  servo feed  motor, and it  has advantage  of

replacing the sliding table configured additionally; and it can be applied to many processing occasions, such as drilling, tapping

and hinging. B18 is the short morse taper of MT2#, and can be equipped with drill chuck matched with the taper or B18 turning

ER25 tool  handle, and Φ1-Φ16mm  cutter of  straight shank is  clamped. The  cutting is easier  by virtue  of unique functional


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