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Boring & Milling Head Unit

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Spindle type of the XT30-2 spindle head .
NT30 is the traditional type with the taper of 7:24 and cutter installed with rear axle rod.
MT3# taper-shank with flat tail can be directly placed.
ER32 clamping cutter with straight shank Φ2-Φ20mm.

The  motor  power  and speed  can  be configured  with  speed  ratio of  triangular  belt,  synchronous  belt  and poly  V-belt
according to the requirement.
The customization of power head with special specification can be accepted.
The front loading  of left side for 90° /front  loading of right side for  90° , back loading of left side  for 90° /back loading of
right side for  90° and downward preposition/downward  postposition can also  be carried out in  the configuration direction of
motor box.


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