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The spindle head of  boring and milling can match with  several types of spindle and can  be applied in several processing conditions,  including boring,  milling,  drilling, tapping,  twisting,  grinding,  etc. The  spindle head  of boring  and milling  can be installed on various machine  production lines, common machine reformation  and combination center machine. The accuracy of processed products is high, the transmission is easier, the appearance is more beautiful and the design is more scientific.

Dynamic sealing non-touching  multi-maze waterproof structure is  adopted in the design of  spindle head to prevent the  external impurity of cutting fluid or dust,  cutting scraps, etc. during  production and  processing, protect  the bearing from contamination and assure the service lifespan and accuracy ofthe bearing.

Central  water  outtake   rotating  joint  can  be  equipped   at the  end  of  the spindle,  which  can be  widely  used in  deep hole  cutting,  and  high-speed milling, etc.

Standard    alloy   steel  materia、for  the   spindle   and  goes   through    thestandard      technology       procedures,including    hammering,    several   rounds of  thermal treatment,   several  rounds  of rough  processing and  finishing,  re-finish machining, final finish grinding and cutting,etc., to assure  the durability and  accuracy of the spindle.

The  housing   is  cast   with  accurate   die and  the cast  iron  of high  toughness  and
processed  by means  of manual  vibrationaging  and   natural  aging   to  reduce   the
stress   and   increase    the  deformationresistance performance and stability.

The real roundness of  the spindle head ≤0.004mm,  which  is  easy for  high-speedoperation,  high  dynamic-static  accuracyand good stability.

Compact    structure,     high  mechanical efficiency,   low  noise,   low vibration   and
high accuracy.

Stable operation,  no  impact, prolongationof service life of the spindle.


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