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Linear Guideway Sliding Table

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CNC  wire rail  sliding  table  is  reasonable  in  design,  good  rigidity,  high  precision,  highreciprocating   motion,

reliable performance,  beautiful  appearance; the  utility model  has the  advantages  of simple structure  and  is convenient  for

maintenance. Configuration  combined machine tools,  general machine tool  transformation and  its automatic production  line

is an essential  part of the foundation.  Slide rail line high  rigidity, small thermal deformation,  high feed stability, good  dynamic

performance. Thus ensuring the actual accuracy  of the processing state (load). NC line rail sliding  table is to achieve efficient

operation and NC easily. So it is ideal to  achieve high precision flexible components. With boring and milling spindle or cutting

head can be completed, boring, milling, drilling, tapping, reaming, reaming, cars, and other processes.

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